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Surface Cleaning
surface cleaning 


We first learned about this innovative paint stripping technique around 2005 when we started researching the process for our own car restoration projects.

We discovered soda blasting and quickly learned how ideal it is for a variety of industries that need a “soft” abrasive technique.

In fact, an organization dedicated to preserving the Statue of Liberty first used soda blasting to restore the historical monument during the 1980's.

Before soda blasting became an option, toxic chemicals and hazardous media were typically the only choices when it came to removing paint and other contaminates from autos, boats, brick, buildings and concrete.


We started Lake Norman Soda Blasting in Mooresville, North Carolina in 2007 to be able to deliver a cost efficient, environmentally safe and sensible solution for all your paint removal and surface cleaning needs.

Lake Norman Soda Blasting is an eco-friendly, non-abrasive paint removal company that provides mobile services throughout the Carolinas. We will travel to South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia to serve you.

We also have an on-site location near downtown Mooresville that allows you to drop your project off to us or we can pick-up and deliver.

We use sand (only when necessary) to handle rust, although we prefer soda blasting whenever possible. This option fits our philosophy of providing our customers with an eco-friendly service that is reliable and inexpensive.

And because Lake Norman Soda Blasting is available 364 days a year, there is no need to consider other blast media alternatives.

When you call us for a price quote or general information about Lake Norman Soda Blasting, we will do our best to provide you with a customized proposal that details how our services can help with your next project. We strive for quick turn-around times and guarantee you will be completely happy with our work.


Company founder Ron Bergman is a former auto tech from California with 20 years experience. Ron also has nearly 15 years racing experience in both stock car and drag racing.

Ron has lived in the Lake Norman area since 2005 with his wife, Becky and their 4-year-old son.

Lake Norman Soda Blasting is well positioned to handle a variety of projects, no matter what the size is. We have developed a solid reputation for excellent customer service and superior blasting solutions and we believe we are only as good as our last job.

You can call Ron directly at 704-517-4738. He answers all his calls and returns messages within 24 hours.

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