Soda Blasting Applications

Sodablasting is a safe, easy and efficient process. Best of all, it contains no hazardous waste materials, toxic chemicals or solvents.

Soda Blasting is ideal for helping you clean all types of delicate equipment and surfaces. It eliminates sanding, scrubbing and abrasive blasting. Safe, easy and efficient to use, soda blasting can accommodate any job requirement from the small to the large:

• Paint Removal • Clean Masonry • Marine Cleaning
• Mold Cleaning • Graffiti Removal • Wood Cleaning
• Tank Cleaning • Mobile Equipment • Clean Aluminum
• Rail Car Cleaning • Farm Equipment • Printing Presses
• Elminate Stains • Truck Trailers • Odor Control
• Food Equipment • Grease Removal • Conveyor Systems
• Engine Components • Fiberglass Cleaning • Historic Monuments