Buildings and Industrial Services

Sodablasting is the safest, easiest and most preferred method of cleaning, deodorizing and restoring surfaces affected by fire, soot, grime, mold and graffiti. Standard abrasive blasting is a dirty process that often loads – even embeds – the surface with contaminants such as grease, oil and tar as it removes the coating. View fire, mold, wood and graffiti photos.

Fire Remediation

The smallest fire leaves behind a mess that can be overwhelming to clean up. You have visual damage from the flames, soot, ash and smoke along with the nasty smells and odors that can permeate adjacent areas where there may not have been a fire. Sodablasting is ideal for removing soot, odor and fire damage from brick, concrete, stone, wood and other surfaces. Unlike dry ice, the deodorizing properties of baking soda work to eliminate the smells associated with fire damage by absorbing the odor. Lake Norman Soda Blasting works with contractors, insurance companies, property managers and owners to quickly clean and deodorize buildings damaged by fire.

Log Cabin Restoration

Many homeowners prefer soda blasting as a method of cleaning and deodorizing the exterior of their cabin because there is little to no prep work involved (for them) prior to blasting a wood structure. Sodablasting strips dirt, grime, mold, mildew, stains and other contaminates off log homes and cabins, wood siding and decks and timber frame structures and restores the building back to its original state with little waste and clean-up to deal with. Other methods of cleaning – including corn cob blasting – tend to leave the surface texture rougher than it was before it was cleaned. Sodablasting is a gentle process that doesn’t damage or warp the wood. When the blast job is complete, the surface is ready for a penetrating, long-lasting stain.

Mold Removal

Mold is a type of fungus that grows on plants and fibers. It is often associates with damp, musty locations such as bathrooms, attics and basements and travels through the air as tiny spores. Mold contamination can cause significant health problems, including allergies, eye and nose irritation, excessive colds and flu, lower immune system and mold-induced asthma and lung infections.
If you would like more information about Lake Norman Soda Blasting or have a question about how our service can eliminate your mold problems, please contact us.

Graffiti Solutions

Graffiti is an ugly form of vandalism that scars the community, lowers property values and destroys quality of life. Typically when you remove graffiti, you can tell where it was even after the job is finished. Soda blasting eliminates all signs of tagging without harming the original paint by simply adjusting the amount of pressure we apply to the surface. Lake Norman Soda Blasting works with contractors, city officials and business leaders to remove it as quickly as possible to restore the property to its original condition.