Marine Cleaning

Soda blasting is a high-pressure, air-driven and non-destructive method of cleaning and stripping paint and other substrates from fiberglass using eco-friendly bicarbonate of soda.

Spotting blisters on an unpainted hull is usually obvious, but when the bottom is camouflaged with multiple layers of paint and marine growth, a less labor-intensive approach is necessary. Traditional blister repair involves a mind-numbing process of grinding or sanding the hull by hand for days on end, a time-consuming, labor-intensive chore that can result in severe or permanent damage to the gel-coat and fiberglass laminate if it is not done properly.

Unlike sanding or corrosive chemicals, soda blasting removes old coats and blisters quickly without damaging non-blistered, bare gel-coat. Lake Norman Soda Blasting provides a quick, effective and controlled alternative to the conventional methods. Our process is eco-friendly, which is a major concern for repair yards and marinas. Minimal plastic tenting installed around the work area contains the soda and old paint for proper disposal.

Lake Norman Soda Blasting is trained and certified to treat and repair a variety of boats with the technique. We work with marinas and boat yards, repair shops and boating enthusiasts.