Soda blasting is the latest technology used to safely strip paint and clean most surfaces. The soda blasting equipment uses compressed air to deliver bicarbonate media (baking soda) directly to the surface.

Good For You. Good for the Planet.

We don’t rely on water as a primary source of material to do our job. That means water restrictions and drought conditions won’t stop us from blasting your next project. Sure, we’ll use a little water to clean up our workspace when we’re done, but we use less than the amount it takes to wash a few dishes or a change of clothes.

Unlike sand, soda blasting is much kinder and gentler to the underlying surface and the environment. Soda blasting leaves the surface smooth and ready for paint – there is no heating, pitting or warping! And it won’t damage glass, chrome or rubber.

Not only is soda blasting good on your project, it’s good for the Earth too. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just protecting your restoration project or surface cleaning job from harsh materials – you’re doing your part to save the globe from environmentally dangerous materials.

Easy on the Checkbook too.

Because soda blasting takes a third of the time compared to conventional and potentially damaging methods of paint stripping, we save our clients time and money.

Soda blasting is a quick and easy process that gently removes old paints, primers and stains without generating heat, so it doesn’t scratch or warp metal, wood, concrete, brick or chrome on your car, boat or building.

The best part is you don’t have to prep your project like you do for other media blasting alternatives. You won’t spend countless hours masking glass in your car or be subjected to the mind-numbing process of grinding or sanding a boat hull by hand for days on end.

Our clients like it when we blast for them because we can typically start and finish a project in one day, whereas it could take them as long as four or five days to complete. For many business owners that hire us, this frees them – and their employees – up to concentrate on doing what they do best, which is serving their customers.

When we’re finished with a blast job, you will have a smooth, clean, ready surface to work with.

We are Mobile

We can blast your project at your location or at our site in downtown Mooresville. We even offer pick-up and delivery.